Course Date
June - 2017
PMP-Hyderabad 17,18 & 24,25
June - 2017
PMP-Hyderabad 22, 23,& 29, 30

Supply Chain Management

Increase your bottom line profits up to 25% with solutions that work. We talk with businesses and hear the difficulties that they are having with their Supply Chain. Too much capital tied up in inventory, the wrong inventory, long lead times, stock outs, unnecessary costs and operations problems. They spend time dealing with logistics that should be spent on getting sales. Their Supply Chain runs them rather than the other way around.

If these problems plague you, we can help you.

For Logistics Service Providers, increase in sales means profit margins. We work with Logistics Service Providers-3PLs, warehouses, transport providers and more-to expand their capabilities and move beyond the traditional commodity service that is defined by price. This increases increase sales, improves profit margins, creates new market opportunities and has higher customer retention. From developing a value proposition to transitioning to a 4PL service for key customers, Nucleus can help you. Our service snapshot can be seen below.