Course Date
June - 2017
PMP-Hyderabad 17,18 & 24,25
July - 2017
PMP-Hyderabad 22, 23,& 29, 30

About Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project (or MS Project) is a Microsoft developed Project Management software application that provides tools to manage Projects successfully

  • Designed to assist Project Managers in effectively managing a wide range of projects and programs.
  • Used by majority of Project Managers across the world
  • Developing Project Plans and sharing with the team members
  • Assigning Resources to tasks, gain control of all resources by effectively tracking them
  • Tracking Project Progress and analyze changes
  • Managing Budgets and Analyzing Workloads
  • Reporting Project Progress to Sr. Management

Works in sync with other Microsoft products like SharePoint to create a powerful organizational Management mechanism


We offer the workshop in two formats. Basing on convenience the paticipants can choose One.

  • 4-Day weekend format
  • 3-Day semi-weekend format


  • Highly acclaimed training program content (Hardcopy of our PPT presentation will be provided to you)
  • Unlimited support from our faculty after training
  • The complete Student Kit includes classroom course material, a pen, pencil, notebook, highlighter etc
  • Student MS Project - Memory Sheet© (knowledge of necessary formulas and process information)
  • A Textbook on Microsoft Project
  • PMI approved R.E.P. [Registered Education Provider, ID 3430]
  • Our Training Consultants are typically Senior level Managers in MOST Top Notch Companies and provide help with Job Referrals (Unique to Nucleus Executive Training).
  • Our Training Consultants are from Top Notch Business Schools (FT Top -20) and come with wide industry networks which can be leveraged
  • Proven study methodology – More than 3000 aspirants from across 50+ countries have undergone our training in JUST Last One year.
  • Both completely online, completely classroom or blended options available
  • Once you join us, we let you attend additional sessions for FREE (Unique toNucleus Executive Training)
  • Pioneers of the Blended model [classroom + online learning] for PMP Exam Preparation
  • Training programs to suit individuals' unique learning needs and various domains
  • Self paced study material with anytime, anywhere access to user – friendly Learning Management System with great online and offline reference material
  • Alumni portal will allow you free access to Hiresmart portal (An Executive Placement Portal)

Lesson 1: A brief about Project Management Concepts

  • Understand Project Management Concepts
  • Understanding the requirements
  • Importance of Archiving Information

Lesson 2: Getting Started with Projec

  • Managing Your Projects with Project
  • Starting Project Professional
  • Exploring Views
  • Exploring Reports
  • Creating a New Project Plan
  • Setting Nonworking Days
  • Entering Project Properties
  • Key Points

Lesson 3: Creating a Task List

  • Entering Tasks
  • Estimating Durations
  • Entering a Milestone
  • Organizing Tasks into Phases
  • Linking Tasks
  • Documenting Tasks
  • Checking the Plan’s Duration
  • Key Points

Lesson 4: Setting Up Resources

  • Setting Up People Resources
  • Setting Up Equipment Resources
  • Setting Up Material Resources
  • Setting Up Cost Resources
  • Entering Resource Pay Rates
  • Adjusting Working Time for Individual Resources
  • Documenting Resources
  • Key Points

Lesson 5 : Assigning Resources to Tasks

  • Assigning Work Resources to Tasks
  • Assigning Additional Resources to a Task
  • Assigning Material Resources to Tasks
  • Assigning Cost Resources to Tasks
  • Key Points

Lesson 6: Formatting and Printing Your Plan

  • Creating a Custom Gantt Chart View
  • Drawing on a Gantt Chart
  • Formatting Text in a View
  • Formatting and Printing Reports
  • Key Points

Lesson 7: Tracking Progress on Tasks

  • Saving a Project Baseline
  • Tracking a Project as Scheduled
  • Entering a Task’s Completion Percentage
  • Entering Actual Values for Tasks
  • Key Points

Lesson 8: Fine-Tuning Task Detail

  • Adjusting Task Relationships
  • Setting Task Constraints
  • Viewing the Project’s Critical Path
  • Interrupting Work on a Task
  • Adjusting Working Time for Individual Tasks
  • Changing Task Types
  • Entering Deadline Dates
  • Entering Fixed Costs
  • Setting Up a Recurring Task
  • Key Points

Lesson 9: Fine-Tuning Resource and Assignment Details

  • Entering Multiple Pay Rates for a Resource
  • Setting Up Pay Rates to Apply at Different Times
  • Setting Up Resource Availability to Apply at Different Times
  • Delaying the Start of Assignments
  • Applying Different Cost Rates to Assignments
  • Entering Material Resource Consumption Rates
  • Key Points

Lesson 10: Fine-Tuning the Project Plan

  • Examining Resource Allocations over Time
  • Manually Resolving Resource Overallocations
  • Leveling Overallocated Resources
  • Examining Project Costs
  • Checking the Project’s Finish Date
  • Key Points

Lesson 11: Organizing and Formatting Project Details

  • Sorting Project Details
  • Grouping Project Details
  • Filtering Project Details
  • Customizing Tables
  • Customizing Views
  • Key Points

Lesson 12 : Printing Project Information

  • Printing Your Project Plan
  • Printing Views
  • Printing Reports
  • Key Points
  • Copying and Pasting with Project
  • Opening Other File Formats in Project
  • Saving to Other File Formats from Project
  • Generating a Project Summary Report for Word, PowerPoint, or Visio
  • Generating Visual Reports with Excel and Visio
  • Key Points
  • Updating a Baseline
  • Tracking Actual and Remaining Values for Tasks and Assignments
  • Tracking Timephased Actual Work for Tasks and Assignments
  • Rescheduling Incomplete Work
  • Key Points
  • Identifying Tasks that Have Slipped
  • Examining Task Costs
  • Examining Resource Costs
  • Reporting Project Cost Variance with a Stoplight View
  • Key Points

Lesson 13: Sharing Project Information with Other Programs Activity 3

Lesson 14: Tracking Progress on Tasks and Assignments

Lesson 15: Viewing and Reporting Project Status

Lesson 16: Getting Your Project Back on Track

  • Troubleshooting Time and Schedule Problems
  • Troubleshooting Cost and Resource Problems
  • Troubleshooting Scope-of-Work Problems
  • Key Points

Lesson 17: Applying Advanced Formatting

  • Formatting a Gantt Chart View
  • Formatting the Network Diagram View
  • Formatting the Calendar View
  • Key Points

Lesson 18: Measuring Performance with Earned Value Analysis

  • Viewing Earned Value Schedule Indicators
  • Viewing Earned Value Cost Indicators
  • Generating an Earned Value Visual Report
  • Key Points

Lesson 19: Customizing Project

  • Sharing Custom Views and Other Elements Between Project Plans
  • Recording Macros
  • Editing Macros
  • Customizing a Toolbar
  • Key Points

Lesson 20: Consolidating Projects and Resources

  • Creating a Resource Pool
  • Viewing Assignment Details in a Resource Pool
  • Updating Assignments in a Sharer Plan
  • Updating a Resource’s Information in a Resource Pool
  • Updating All Plans’ Working Times in a Resource Pool
  • Linking New Project Plans to a Resource Pool
  • Opening a Sharer Plan and Updating a Resource
  • Consolidating Project Plans
  • Creating Dependencies Between Projects
  • Key Points

Additional FREE session:

  • Continued support and consultant availability post-workshop
  • Application filling up and process simplification documents
  • Alumni and online content logins